Have fun in the sky :::::: HIGH1 RESORT ::::::
Developed in Sabukeup and Gohaneup, Jeongseongun in South Korea and opened in December 2006, "High1" ski resort features over 21km of slopes within a 4,986,775§³ area. The ski grounds include 403 rooms in the resort hotel, two ski houses, two resting areas, and an observatory at the top of the mountain. There are 18 slopes in High1 resort. All of the slopes are at least 1.5km in length, while the longest slope stretches for 4.2km. The average width of the slopes is 40m, which is almost the same width as 10 lanes in a motor way. Among these slopes, 11 received international authorization from FIS.
High1 was admitted as a globally scaled ski location, with three slopes officially authorized to be used for the World Cup Ski Competition. Furthermore, High1 contains special slopes and facilities for disabled patrons. In 2008, the High1 ski resort hosted over 100 athletes from 13 countries who participated in the IPC international World Cup for the disabled.

High1 - Ski, the World Project: High1 cooperates with the world famous APPI (A Japanese's Ski Ground). High1 Ski Ground entered into relations with the famous world ski grounds and started progress on a project with them through collaborated brands and marketing. High1 will have its first promotion with Japan's ¡®APPI Ski Ground¡¯ this season. As this is the beginning point, High1 will develop the slogan of ¡®Hold the world through the ski¡¯ with the United States, New Zealand, and Austria.